The Beacon Theatre is a historic landmark located in Hopewell, Virginia. The building itself has existed since the 1920s, and was heavily renovated and reopened recently. It is now fully functional once more, and many events are hosted there. After the renovation a re-brand was in order, as the previous branding material was severely outdated. They were looking for something modern and conventional, paying homage to the Theatre's historic roots. I took inspiration from the architecture within the building after touring it, and decided to work several unique aspects of it into the branding. The "star" graphic in the logo was made to match a large eye catching sign in front of the building, and the pattern in the supporting graphics was inspired by the carved wood surrounding the main stage. In total, I designed a Logo, Supporting Graphics, Brochures, a Booklet containing information for potential sponsors, Membership Cards, and Retractable Banners.
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