After getting in touch and establishing a basic direction and time frame for your project, I will provide you with a ballpark price estimate based on the amount of time and work I predict will be involved. Once that has been agreed upon, I'll begin by putting together 3-4 rough sketches to establish a basic direction for us to start in. Once these sketches have been delivered, I will require 50% of the total initial estimate to be paid at this stage after we have discussed any changes or revisions that should be made. I find that this is a good way for both parties to commit to the project, and show one another that they are prepared to see it through to completion. After the initial payment has been received, I will proceed with the rest of the design process, providing regular progress updates and opportunities for you to provide feedback throughout the process to ensure the end result is tailored to your needs and preferences. Once the project has reached a mostly finalized state, I will provide a final watermarked preview for your approval. Once it meets your approval after any additional tweaks, I'll ask for the remainder of the initial estimate to be delivered, as well as any additional costs that have been incurred through the process - this mostly includes additional fees that may have been accrued to cover excessive revisions or design reworks. Once the final payment has been confirmed, I will send you the final project files with all watermarks removed.
A total of four rounds of edits/revisions once we are past the initial sketching stage are included in the initial price estimate. Further rounds of revisions, or totally restarting with a new concept at a late stage of the project, will incur additional cost relative to the amount of extra work involved. Having a general overall vision of what you want, and providing clear and specific direction/feedback during the design process, are the best ways to avoid incurring additional costs.
Branding is important. It acts as the face of all businesses, companies, organizations, events, etc, and connects with your audience at a ground level. A successful brand visually represents what you do, your core values, and how you choose to present yourself. It should also effectively communicate all of this information to your target audience at a glance. When seen, it will be directly associated with you, and the difference between good branding and bad branding could be what hooks a potential client/customer or what turns them away. A well designed logo should only be the starting point, however. I work closely with my clients to create a unique visual identity tailored to their purposes, which encompasses Logo Design, developing brand standards through Custom Typography, Color Palette, and Supporting Graphics, and developing Printed Promotion Material such as Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, FlyersWeb Design, etc that adheres to those brand standards. 
Excellent Concept Art and Illustration work help form the backbone behind any game, story, movie or production. This is the work that takes written or spoken ideas about characters, environments, or scenes, and visually establishes them as reference for the overarching style, theme, mood, and visual look of a project. This artwork is just as important for internal production purposes as it is for promotional ones, in the event you need to give an audience a taste of what to expect from your final product. Strong Cover Artwork fleshes out books, music albums, and games, and serves to garner interest in a potential buyer by leaving them with a strong first impression that effectively communicates the content of the product. The inclusion of Hand Drawn Elements can make certain poster or flyer designs much more effective than clean, sterile graphics ever would. Lastly, if you are simply interested in a Custom Illustration for personal use, I've got you covered!
I am able to provide all of these services, from sketches, to line drawings, to flat color work, to stylized work with simple shading, to fully rendered and detailed painted illustration. I pride myself on flexibility here, and can develop and work in a wide variety of artistic styles based on the overall theme or genre of your project. In the case that you have existing work created by other artists already, I am very effective at adapting to and replicating existing art styles.
A fantastic design can be used to make an otherwise unremarkable product remarkable, just by being printed onto it. People are much more likely to hunt for and purchase a shirt that features a design that appeals to their style and interests, over a plain featureless shirt. This can be applied to more or less any object with printable space, and I am able to provide the custom, unique, and stylish designs that will sell those products. I have created designs made to be printed on a wide variety of products - including Shirts, Frisbees, Bookmarks, Clothing Patches, Embroidery, Music Album Spreads, and more. Whatever product you want to print your design on, you can rest assured that the final files will be set up correctly and ready for production.
The artwork and overall look of a game plays a massive role in its appeal, and in a lot of cases can become the main selling point to its audience. Quality assets are very important in establishing your game as a professional product, and should all either follow or establish the game's overall art style and visual themes. I have done work on a number of different game projects, including 2D Set Piece Design, UX/UI Design, Icon Design, Character Sprite Design, and Custom Static Menu Graphics. All of this work needs to be a certain size, and designed based on functionality. Whether it involves determining the pixel size of UI Graphics and determining how much of the screen area each one will occupy based on the smallest sized monitor the game will support, or creating set pieces that need to conform to a grid in order to keep everything proportioned correctly and make it easy to add collision and character movement, I am experienced in creating custom assets designed for specific purposes and ensuring that they will function correctly. 
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