DP Stairlift Company


DP Stairlift is a small business based in Midlothian, Virginia, which provides and services mobility equipment. Since they are a family owned and operated business, we decided to focus on that rather than the mobility aspect of their products and services. This is something none of their competitors have done, and resulted in a clean unique logo with none of the negative associations that come with being a part of the mobility industry. The letters in the company’s name are the first initials of the owner and his wife, so I decided to unify them into a standalone graphic while at the same time including some sort of prominant imagery relating to what they do. In this case, a stairway. This unification of elements symbolizes the two owners operating their business as one, and also offers insight into what the business is all about at a first glance.


DP Stairlift went from having a shakey and inconsistent image, to having a solid brand that has been used throughout all of their promotional material to establish a uniform and appealing visual identity.


  • Developed the DP Stairlift Brand from the ground up, starting with the logo
  • Created business cards and all other promotional print materials for the business
  • Built a simple and easy to use website tailored towards their market, which includes many non-computer savvy users.