Regardless of what kind of business you run, it is important to have a strong visual identity to associate with your brand. I can build unique and consistant imagery for you, tailored to your objectives and market.
The go-to for spreading information and promoting a business. I can design any promotional material you might need, whether it be business cards, posters, brochures, or signage.
A functional website is a staple that any business or organization needs. I build responsive websites that will work on any device, that are made with your brand and userbase in mind.
From landscapes, to portraits, to unique concept art; I can digitally illustrate anything you might need. If you are looking for handpainted designs for a poster, book cover or any number of other things, look no further.
If you need promotional shots of a product or venue, or are just looking for aesthetically pleasing photos to use on a website or advertisement, I can provide them. With the use of stock imagery growing more and more, custom photography is very important to ensuring your project is unique and memorable.
To give an idea of what to expect, all of my projects follow these three stages:

Meeting & Planning

Through meeting, conversing, and research, I will get to know you and your company. What you do, your core values, your philosophy, and the project goals are all established. From this information a plan is established, and we have a springboard from which to leap into the next stage of the project.

Concepts & Design

The Creative Process begins, and copious amounts of brainstorming, sketching, and scrapping take place. I will form ideas and concepts that reflect the elements that were established in the first step, and you will be presented with a sheet of the most effective designs. Finally, we will meet again at the end of this process to explore the strongest of those concepts and ideas, and make changes based on your feedback.

Finalization & Delivery

At this point, the final design has been agreed upon and we are nearly done. Any last minute tweaks are made and polish applied. The results are delivered in whatever file format is necessary, and the project is ready to launch. I then sit back and help monitor the project once it goes live, and assist with any future needs you may have.