Bringing Imagination to Life

In addition to graphic design services, I also offer more traditional art oriented skills. Producing hand painted digital illustrations is a skill I highly enjoy practicing, and I love to integrate it into my work whenever possible.

If you are in need of painted illustrations for a book cover, poster design, album cover, concept art, portrait, look no further.

Printed Cover Art

If you are looking for a custom hand-painted illustration to go on the cover or insert of a book, album, game case, dvd box, packaging of a board game, or anything else you can think of, I’ve got you covered. From my experience with print design, I can provide high quality professional illustrations including any typesetting that may be needed, of any size in a print-ready format.

Poster Art

Posters should be eyecatching, and there’s nothing that pops from a wall more than a colorful, professional illustration. Whether you are working on a game or movie that requires promotional posters, or if you are just looking for something to hang on your wall, I can provide unique designs tailored to your project that are guaranteed to garner attention.

Concept Art

All successful stories, movies, games, and shows begin with ideas. Good concept art establishes a visual form for an idea or concept. I am well-versed in creating concept art for characters, environments, creatures, and objects.

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