Websites that function as well as they look

Having a website that looks good is important, but having a webstire that functions well is essential. We will work together to create a website that achieves both of these things. The end result will be a site that matches your visual identitity while providing an interface tailored to your target market to provide the best user experience possible, that communicates all the information you require.

User Interface and Experience

How a user interacts with a website is the most critical element in web design. For this reason I typically focus on building sites around a simple, easy-to-use interface and navigation that will easily communicate all the information it needs to. To determine how this layout will be structured, we will analyze your target market as well as the content of the website, and build it from there.

Responsive Design

The people who view your website will be doing so from all manner of devices with a wide range of screen sizes. The sites I design are all mobile friendly, and will conform to fit any screen size whether it be a widescreen monitor, tablet, or the smallest smartphone on the market.

Hosting and Website Management

Once your website is completed and ready to launch, you can host it yourself or I can help you. Once it is live, I will be available to work with you and make any future changes or fixes that may need to be implemented.

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