Designing a Brand

Your brand is the face of your company. It is what visually represents you, and what your audience will associate with you whenever they see it. A successful brand should reflect your values, your history, your style, and much more.

A well designed logo is only the starting point. I will work with you to create a unique visual identity that encompasses logo design, typography, color palette, additional imagery, and more.

Developing a Strategy

The first step in designing a strong brand, is developing a branding strategy. Essentially, that means that we will sit down and establish what your company or organization does, what your core values are, and who your target audience is. This process establishes a foundation for me to build your entire visual identifty upon.

Building the Framework

Next, we will craft the backbone of your brand. To do this, we will define your philosophy, how you want to be viewed by your target audience, and what your preferences on visual style are. This is akin to giving me an insight into what you are looking for in the big picture, and helps me in constructing an skeleton that will shape the overall look and style of your brand. From this point I will begin drafting concepts and we will be well under way.

Creation of Additional Design Elements

Once we have settled upon the main logo design, we have a springboard to launch into the rest of the project. Color psychology plays a huge role in invoking a response from your audience, representing your philosophy, core values, and the overall feel associated with your brand. So, we will decide on a palette, and then pick or create a custom typeface to use in the logo and all other material associated with your company. Finally, we will determine if the brand would benefit from supporting visual elements and create them if it would.

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